Walking sound

Where can I get free walking/running sounds in wav file for my game?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I know of some sites, but instead, try this one.

It’s a SUPER GOOD SITE to find ANYTHING you’d EVER want. Ever.

Now you’ll never have to post simple questions again!


that helps XD

Omg x’D i know. But can’t find a good walking sound. Try it. xD

Make your own. There is free audio editing software available online. This way you can have a sound that matches the speed of your walk cycle and even make different sounds for different materials i.e. grass, metal floor etc.

Oh, thanks a lot. :slight_smile: Recomment any sound editing program?

Audacity should do the trick.

Wow, Sorry I’m such a noob xD Thanks a lot but I can’t find a start anywhere how to make foot steps :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d also like to know if anyone know a good
website to find free to use random sounds :wink:

and don’t give me that Google bowling sheets,
If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, say nothing :smiley:

How hard do you people TRY before giving up? Did you LITERALLY just click the link, watch it go, and then close the window? The very first link is the question “Where can I find free footstep sounds” and that immediately links you to findsounds.com.

If you got that far, how hard did you try to find one? The first few results of “footsteps” aren’t really useful, but you’ll get to a good one pretty quickly.

and don’t give me that Google bowling sheets,
If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, say nothing

No. Wanting everyone else on the forums to do your work and find everything you need for you means that you’re either lazy, stupid, and/or incompetent. If you don’t know how to use a search engine, or give up when the first thing you try isn’t what you want, you are wasting everyone elses’ time. The fact that you’re saying that my attempt to TEACH people how to find things on their own and be self-sufficient is “unintelligent” just proves to me that you’re probably 3 for 3.

There are TONS of other resources (in the gasp resources forums!) for finding sounds as well.

Rantlike, maybe. Necessary? I think so right now.


hold on pal hahahah

I think you miss-understood what I meant

I wanted to know if some experienced peoples here with
some good references about free sounds and maybe a little hint
about their “BEST” sounds ressource would care to share a quick link.

Not just the first result on top of google :stuck_out_tongue:

If you stick with that, I would question who’s really trying around here
…I would also point out that, as interresting as it can be,
I’ve absolutely no time to waste on google to find about bad sound ressources

I’m buzy :frowning:

thanks for you help Ambassador,
(but please, stop being sush an a$$ ahhahahaha)

check the freesound project:

Thanks wysiwyg :slight_smile:

About googling sounds, its terrible. I recently did it for a movie project at school and the amount of shit quality sounds that come up is about 8 google pages.

no problem :wink:

yea andrew-101,

I often got the same issues when looking for things like sounds,

thus the interest in getting some “Good” resources :frowning:

You need Quictime pro to download the sounds from that site. And I really can’t find anyth else.

I want this sound


Very good site :slight_smile: