Walking through walls, LSCM and parenting problems

I am a relative newcommer to Blender, having had about a year of playing around, i am now at the GameEngine stage.

I am not good enough to create a game, but i am good enough to create a 3D virtual reality type walkthrough. However, i sometimes find that the actors in the scene walk through walls or fall through the floor where there is no hole. Is this because I am using planes and not boxes to make the surfaces and walls?

When I am LSCM mapping, i find it hard to use different JPEGS to texture different areas of the mesh. It may look OK in Textures mode, but when I go into “p” mode, I get different images on the surface, not the variety that I wanted.

Also i have sucessfully parented the camera to the car (actor) and it works OK, but parenting the wheels (NURBS doghnut) to the car, thet dissapear when i go into “p” mode. What am I doign wrong?

Please help. I know there may well be the answer around this forum somewhere, but I am studying, working full time and trying to run a business. My time is taken up. PLEASE please take pity on the needy!!! sob sob :wink:

Nickythenos :expressionless:

PS, I am on Blender 2.37a on a 512 RAm , 2.6 GHZ Windows 2000 with Nvidia graphics card

Hi, your making ME cry now. :wink:

Planes are good, check in the editing window that collisions are being checked on the said faces.(little tab marked collision when in face select mode. :wink: ) I haven`t used them in a while but Force and Torque to move ya charecter around.(some may disagree.)

Umm, select the individual faces for a particular image with the shift key, then select your image from the UV/image editor window, possibly. :S

Fairly sure you need meshes for the GE. Alt + C and convert to mesh.(may take a few steps.) Or, check which way you want the normals to face, select problem faces, then go into edit mode, press w key and flip normals.(this sometimes messes with the lighting for me but hey-ho.) :slight_smile:

Hope this helps at all.


About falling through objects: Yes, the Collision button may not be on, but this may also be a problem with normals or mesh complexity.

About NURBS: Only Meshes and Armatures exist in the GE. Anything else must be converted.

Excellent, i will check the Collision button (If I can work out where it is) and see what that does.

The Collision button appears in the Edit Buttons (F9) window when you press F in the 3D window.

The collision problem is still the same problem that was in version 2.25. Well it’s in less amount but still doing strange things. When you’r actor keeps falling trough the ground you can solve sometimes that problem with selecting the faces in face edit mode and apply collision to it, but this won’t always help.
Simpley go to materials buttons, make a default material, and apply it to all objects in your scene. This fixes the fall-trough-meshes or walk trough things most of the times.

About the etxtures being disorded, are you using an Ati card, nvidia or a cheap card? Because I have seen this on a school pc which has a scene perfectly textured and when I ran the game engine the textures on the meshes simply looked like animated textures, wobling around, look like reflection and deform in the most ugly ways. I think it was a cheap videocard at school, no idae about your pc though.

About the car with donut nurbs. Nurbs don’t work in the game engine. You have to use meshes that aren’t nurbs, nor curves or metaballs. THat’s why they disappear when you run it with P. :slight_smile:

My grphics card is an Nvidia that I got off Ebay and is OK.

If I create one texture for all the objects in a scene, wont that look really crappy when i want to have different colours and stuff bot in video and in game engine or shoudl I just rely on LSCM Mapping for gamengine?

Nicky :Z