Walking to the light.

Just imagine the sound of the steps in a empty church.:wink:
Rendered in AO , the human is an alpha map.
Happy to hear your comments.


I like it. only thing i can think of to improve is some light coming through the windows? but that’s just me, nice job!

Yeah looks really good, but there are a bunch of dark spots that take away from this…

[EDIT]:I did some color corrections in the compositor, here take a look, and what do ya think, better?

Again those dark shadows gotta go,( i dont mean get rid of all shadows, but lighten them up a bit)


Edit.blend (510 KB)

Nice, but I’d like to see some specularity on the floor. It looks like it’s supposed to be tile, but it lacks the luster tile usually has, especially in a public building. Great work!

Thanks for the replay’s,blenderman911,DDD, and RedJay, really helpful .
Don’t now if I can ad an other image , if not put this file in the wip section.
Working on light and the ‘to dark’ shadows,also on the spec of the floor but I dont now if it is convincing.
add some light from the stained-glass windows.
Comments are still welcome.


Nicely done. The human looks convincing even though it is just a texture. Blenderman is right, maybe some sunbeams coming through the windows? And maybe a vignette composition effect just to finish it off?


OK ,thanks, added some sunbeams, and a bit of dust in the air,hope its works.
curious about your reaction. :eyebrowlift2:


I light the lighting off the first one best, but I think it could use streaks of light around the guy as if they were coming through a window in front of him.


Such as this, just without the windows and maybe without the part of the light on the ground, just the streaks of light going past the guy. Just an idea.