ok i have a rigged model with a walkcycle i made. But how do i have it move equally with its footsteps. right now he just moves his feet and i want to have him actually move. anyone know any good tutorials?

this should be what you want:

or if you don’t want to use a path:

New walk features in CVS (pre 2.43)

While it’s possible to use a “walk in place cycle”, it’s easier to setup and use the new walk feature if you use a “two step walk forward cycle”.

Is this for the game engine or for a rendered animation ?

If it’s the game engine, no “automated” solutions (New features or “old” stride-path) are going to work.

If not for the game engine, regardless if using an automated solution or keying it all manually, it will be MUCH easier if your character has IK legs/feet (like “LudWig”, “ManCandy”, “AJ”, or the Bsod Intro to Char animation rig.