Walking . . .

So, I have worked with Blender for around 5 years, and not once have been able to create a FPS character that can go over sloped or “hilly” ground. I used a servo method once, but it only worked going forward. . .

Hopefully, I don’t want to use a script.


For the servo control, the reason why it might work on going forward but not backward is because you may set the linV to a negative number. You should enter a positive number into the “linV” section, and then set the max and min to a negative number. I have done this, but a little bit of tweaking with the speed is required :).

I recommend to check tutorialsforblender. It has two tutorials for movement.

I have used walkomatic script a long ago ( but in Animation , not in game ). You can find the script in the forum
See my walk with walkomatic.
That script is not working in the new version. my hard disk crashed so the script is gone.
I have asked some friends if they still have the script.

If your using physics enabled materials, with a friction setting, then the friction is being amplified by an incline. When using servo motion there always seems to be a drift at the end of input movement. Bumping up friction can solve this but then lead to incline movement problems. One way to solve this is obviously python code. But the other way around it is logic bricks with correct use of states.
You can set an initial state to have 0 motion (0 is a valid target with servo control). When key input is detected switch states to add desired motion. When key input is false switch back to initial state and 0 motion. This method can solve drifting and incline problems.