Walkthrough in blender


I am on a building model. I want to do a walkthrough in blender, the whole walkthrough should be controlled with a help of mouse.

Is their any tutorials or any method to do a walkthrough.
All advice and tips are welcomed…

Please help…


I second 3dviewpoint. An autoritative tutorial on this is much needed. I find the walkthrough building capability of blender is neglected in terms of tutorials and help, because for any of us still trying to grasp blender at modelling stages the game engine is still a far shot.

I managed to use the walkthrough example of the blender web page, though it seems a bit dated, and also got the infamous ‘falling’ bug.

Still, the help available to use it is meager, I only found a good tute on setting radiosity and making an architectural walkthrough here. Its in portuguese, though, but well illustrated:


Please, can any expert Blender set a good (and updated) tute on this?l

Check this.

I’ve read somewhere that it doesn’t work (well) in 2.42, but haven’t confirmed it. I’ve used this template many times, tho. Works great.

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Anyway, sorry I didn’t read your post very well, nf3. You already have the walkthrough.

To get it to work, you need to understand the game engine somewhat. The falling “bug” isn’t a bug, tho, its just that you need to set the floor surface to “collision” in the UV settings. (Pardon if you already tried that…I have heard rumors of bugs in the template in 2.42, as I mentioned above, but I haven’t found them.)


Thanks to all for your valuable comments. I went to http://cogitas3d.procedural.com.br/t…diosidade.html page. I got an idea of what to do and i have planned to do some r&d. Maybe i will be able to do something.

Couple comments here:
I just read through the tutorial referenced above, and its really great. I used altavista.babelfish to translate it (there are other sites for translation, google it). There is a lot of good information in that tutorial, even though its slightly dated. What you need to know, though, is that you don’t have to use the Radiosity function to render your model, if you don’t want to. It gives good results for shadows and such in a fairly straighforward way, of course, but what’s going on is that the game engine is used for the walkthrough, and it has limits on what graphics it can display. Radiosity creates vertex colors based on a sort of rendering/baking process, and the results are supported by the game engine. UV-mapped surfaces are also supported, procedural/bump-mapped textures are not. There are lots of nuances to what I just said, so do some searching here for more info.

hi, ya i am searching on the same… thanks for your inputs… bye eku