Wall-E 3D Models (Low Poly To Medium High Poly)

This is a medium-high poly Wall-E 3D model that I created in Blender 2.65a that originally started as a much lower poly model to be used for the free AC3D 3D screensaver program that displays your 3D models that works with models in its native .ac format. I took that model that was much more lower in polygonal resolution and worked with it quite a bit for several more days and created a much higher poly model with far more detail and quality.

What I am doing here is to make those models available in their native Blender format so they can be used as people wish. Also of course I am making the much higher quality and detail model available for download also for free in this same package.

Therefore the package will have 3 models, two models that have less polygons and details that were used to created the .ac format models and a third model that has much more detail than those two. These models have a pseudo rigging that can be used to pose them rather easily but is not a formal rigging in the standard way, it is something simpler.

Instructions on how to pose them are in the accompanying PDF documents.

You can download the .zip file at my place in Deviantart here:


Or at my Mediafire folder:

Right there in Deviantart and Mediafire you can also download my second AC3D 3D models mod package to be used with the free AC3D screensaver program. It is a much smaller mods package than the original one but it has a simple R2-D2, my low and low-medium poly Wall-E 3D models and a few other 3D models.

Despite what the PDF document says this medium-high poly Wall-E 3D model is a work-in-progress because I decided to make the time work more on it and I’m making it better already.

I have already improved several details from these first pictures that you will see in this post. I have for example already worked more on the upper body frame that is too thick and in several other areas. I will be posting the last version soon but at the moment you can download and inspect this one already.

Also you can see the original low poly model in the pictures which was the one I started with. Notice already the many changes from that one to the medium-high poly one.


As I said I was already working in an improved version of the model. I actually had worked already for several days when I did the previous post an I was about to finish it. It is just that I didn’t have Internet until yesterday so that is why you will be seeing this new file so fast after the original post.

I only had but a few things left to do to finish the newer one and here it is.

Note: This is an improved version of the higher poly model only. If you want to have the two lower poly models you have to download the version 1.0 file that is still available there in Deviantart in my gallery which also includes those two.

Version 1.1 Update: This is an update of the 3D model that has several improvements and refinements to the mesh. I know that when I released the model originally (version1.0) I stated on the PDF documents that it was going to be the last version because of time constrains but I pushed it further and decided to make more time cause I thought that it was already starting to look pretty good and that it would be a pity not to work more on it. I have to admit that it was hard to put down too cause when I saw how good it started to look I wanted to work a little more on it and correct a few things that I already knew could be improved so I decided to make the time to work more on it and the result is a much improved model, still not perfect or complete but with many, many refinements and added details.

This is a list of the improvements in version 1.1:

• More depth has been given to the large and medium wheels relief work.
• The smaller upper wheels were redone and now they have 64 divisions too instead of 32. Their bevels have been improved somewhat too.
• The two inset details that are round at the bottom (like an inverted arc) have been added to the sides of the body (in the gray area at the side of the body, at the front, close to the top).
• The upper frame of the body has been completely adjusted (mostly redone) and it also has been cut from the inside to conform to the body so it has been made to fit the body cause before it was just intersecting it and the body was adjusted in the same area according to that too.
• The upper part of the body has been completely changed and adjusted and more relief detail has been given to it including the plaque with bolts that Wall-E has at the right side on the top (closer to the rear of the body).
• The red warning lamp that Wall-E has at the front has been redone with more detail and adjusted proportions, before it was just an inset rectangle.
• The front door now reaches all the way to the top of the yellow area of the front of the body and ends just below the front grille and display area as it is in the original Wall-E. Also the relief detail of the door have been improved in shape (now the inset rectangles tapper as they go up) and given rounded corners to be more like the original.
• The front grill and display area has been readjusted completely and added much more detail including small bolts. Therefore the whole front of the body was virtually redone too.
• The rear hydraulics have been given more details and they have adjustments in some of their parts to be more accurate.
• The rear door round panels at each side of the back have their curves smoothed better with more resolution and refining (the curves were redone as beziers and then converted to a high poly resolution mesh that was then rejoined with the part so they are very smooth now) and the interior now has the inset curve relief that the hydraulics are supposed to use to slide. They can still use more relief detail on the outer side but they look much better now.
• The rear panel at the bottom in the back has new inset details at the bottom with rounded corners, before it was just flat at the bottom.
• The buttons were redone and their shape improved and their relief logos are now inset instead as they are really supposed to be. The gray panel under them with the inset rectangle for the buttons has been added. The sun logo of the button at the left has been redone with the correct logo.
• The bottom of the hole (beneath the neck base) has been redone and now it has the relief channels that the neck base is supposed to use to slide. The neck base has been adjusted accordingly.
• The “eyebrows” now have slight rounded corners at the top (toward the middle of the head) instead of just ending as squares.
• The eye lenses have been given depth instead of them just been thin surfaces.
• More detail was given to the bottom parts that support the tracks system even tough they still need more work.
• The arms pivot parts had their radius increased in the circular area to match better the curve of the shoulder of the arms and its edges has been beveled.
• The upper panel at the back has been readjusted in several areas and now instead of a mere relief ornament it has a real hook that opens, extends and slides that can be used to hang the ice cooler. The ice cooler has been created for it and placed (its layer can be turned off if so desired and the hook can be retracted).
• A somewhat nicer but still simple new background (like a display stand or display base) has been created for Wall-E with a turntable disk that is separate that can be animated if so desired.
• If you open the ice cooler (or look through in wireframe mode) you will see that Wall-E has now a small gift for you. That object was also modeled by me. You can also see it by turning on the seventh top layer from left to right without turning on the ice cooler layer which is in the layer to the left of the gift (the sixth top layer from left to right).

Overall a whole lot of things were redone or improved mainly in the body but also in other areas. But of course it can still be better cause the body is still not cut and the interior has not been modeled. I wish I have had more time to do more but at least I was able to do these improvements. which I think make quite a difference in the overall appearance of the model.

Instructions for opening, extending, sliding and retracting the new rear hook and for straightening the ice cooler (and the object inside) to its default horizontal position are in the accompanying PDF documents.

The lower poly models are available only in version 1.0 of this file which will remain available for download in my places at Deviantart and Mediafire. The version 1.1 file will only include an even better more updated version of the higher polygons model.

These models have a pseudo rigging that can be used to pose them rather easily but is not a formal rigging in the standard way, it is something simpler. Instructions on how to pose them are in the accompanying PDF documents.

Deviantart link to download the new improved model:


You can use the previous Mediafire link to download the new model also.

Clay renders:


Alternate ambient occlusion renders:


Alternate ambient occlusion wire over mesh renders:


Wow! Thats great modelling. The clay renders are absolutely great, but the texturing is sort of a letdown. Are you planning on texturing it or leaving it as is? I hope to download the model soon and once I will play around with it a little I will post again and see if I have any critique to give. Hope to see it textured.

Well I know it is a pity cause I don’t think I will have the time to texture it. I already stretched it a lot. As I say in the documents it started as a very simple 3D screensaver model and I continued and continued to take it where it is now and the texturing would take just about as much time as the modeling itself if I wanted to do a version that looks as worn as the movie one cause it is a very elaborate multi layer texture work that it needs. I only had time to take the modeling this far and that still would have needed more work in my opinion to make it really, really great but I gave it all the time I had for it, sorry.

Yes, it would have definitely been awesome to create a worn textured one like the movie one. Definitely! I would have loved to do it! Maybe somebody out there would do the job one day.