I’ve found myself out of original ideas right now. Decided to try recreating one of my favorite shots from Wall-E, where he is flying past Neptune’s rings, and skims his hand through the ice. Rendered in Blender Internal, with small retouch in Photoshop.


New Render :slight_smile: Rubik’s Cube!


I think your alright Padfoot. Your not selling anything, and your just basically submitting fan-art. I say very nice work.

Wow for a moment I thought that was the reference image! Very well done!
And yeah, your not pulling a Blenderguy, so your alright. It’s just fan art.

Eels - for the sake of Padfoot’s thread lets try and not pull names to start a flame war on his thread. (as much as I agree to the ban itself, let’s try and not summon the storm so to say right?)

Ohh, Pretty…:eek: Did you try adding motion blur to the ring? I remember that the particles had much softer edges. Have you tried rendering this in Lux? It would be nice to see unbias rendering on Wall.e. And what’s wrong padfoot? Can’t think up a way to make your BWC any more perfect?:wink:



Thanks Guys. :slight_smile:

Motion blur was a good idea. I went over it and it has a much softer particle feel to it. Updated at the first post. And I can’t imagine doing this in an unbiased renderer. This biased render took six hours! (Very high poly. All of the foreground ice crystals are meshes, using ray transparency.Full size render was 2560 * 1080)

I loved Wall-E and yours is just as good, awesome job as always padfoot. I love in the movie that they used the mac OS boot sound, I almost fell out of my seat laughing when I heard it.

Thought I’d post this detail render of the eyes, which I thought turned out pretty well.

Updated first post with a new render. Thought I’d also add the wireframe for it.


First some crits, look here,http://www.artsjournal.com/popcorn/Wall-E%20and%20Eve.jpg
I noticed the threads should be a tad thicker. Also, his eyes are initially black , yet there is some purple glow on his eyes and threads in the second render that look out of place. Hdr map, or reflection? The texture is also off on his head as it isn’t extremely orange around the rim, and your shade of yellow is more like a toy than metal. The neck isn’t supposed to be made of cylinders, but instead are hinges. Last one, the metal panel on his chest too clean, like it was made of new brushed metal. Distribute some grime there too.
That’s all(though it seemed like a lot, I was just stating how close this model and the original are), great job overall though.

Well done!! Looks quite close to the original.