Wall . E

Wall . E
Blender 2.61…
Photoshop Cs5


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Its a very good model of WallE. From a distance it could be the Pixar version. little things like bump and displacement maps are needed to push it to to amazing. Where the paint has been scraped off would be accompanied by indents in the metal.

Also, maybe want to look at the specular shading. looks very plastic. I am guessing that the spec is CookTorr, intensity 0.5 and hardness 50 (which is a dull plastic, not a good metal)

Good guessing …
Thnx … the modeling took a long time … so I make texture & rendering quickly!

Texturing look really low res.

I agree with Freemind, also there seems to be a major mapping issue on the wheels, take a look at that too.
Good work overall

thnx guys …
I well care more then in nxt time

Great modeling. The only thing that sticks out to me is the color of the metal - it’s a bit brown-ish. Anyway, great job!