Wall Look through Shader

Long ago, back in 2006, had seen a tutorial in Maya shader nodes about creating a Wall look through shader using sampler info node, that when projected on a watch model would reveal the cogs spinning and such behind the outer mesh in the model. Those resources were lost in time. Only thing I remember is the sampler info node in the shader graph which was used to return information about a point’s position in space, its orientation and tangency, and its location relative to the camera

Recently stumbled upon this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rEF8A3wF9U
showing the same effect in Unity Shader Graph

How can an effect like this be done in Blender without compositing?

This is how I’d do it. Your example has backface culling as well though.


Wow. Absolutely Amazing.Thanks.
I thought it had something to do with camera data node. Am still a newbie in Blender nodes.

Could you please explain the nodes Texture Coordinate -> Length -> Less Than

I’m getting object coordinates from an empty-- which is the same thing as saying, the position of the sample, in the object space of the empty. So I’m saying, make all samples that are within 1 unit of the empty (well, times the empty scale) transparent. All samples for whom the distance (length) to the origin of the empty is less than 1.

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That’s really helpful.