wall turret

im planning on making an animation of this wall turret coming out of the wall and searching around, then going back into the wall. Point A is the turret in the wall, and point B is the turret out of the wall. the animation will show the metal supports folding and unfolding when going in or out of the wall.

Here’s point A:

Here’s point B:

let me no what you think of my idea or if you have any suggestions

its cool just add more detail around it

Your model is lacking some sort of rotational joint. At the moment it looks like the gun is only capable of going up and down which gives it a pretty narrow aiming range. Add somesort of sphere joint somewhere so that it can rotate left and right.

time to start adding some texture. Not even polished metals in reality are that clean. Push the lighting a bit further too, your shadows are very rigid, soften them up and add some under lighting. (unless you’re looking for a toon look, then I’d suggest thinking about using some edges and ramp shaders to step that up to the next level.)

Also, note that the geometry can be seen on the cylinder of the gun, smooth that out.

Looks cool, i’d love to see it when it’s done

im still not quite done fine tuning the models and i suck at texturing but ill give it a shot

cool design, wall needs more detail, and the barrel of the gun looks like it has a few normal problems

It looks great - quite a complicated piece of machinery - yet you’ve got in a simplistic manner!

here’s an updated version. i addressed some of the requested changes. hope it’s satisfactory!


Wow that looks great! :smiley: I would make the laser a bit smaller though

I find the wall texture too repetitive and I still think the gun needs an extra joint for side rotation. Besides that very good work.

yea i never ment it to be a laser really, more like a red light than a laser but u cant really tell how it’s aimed right now. is there a fog function to make the light easier to see? that would be cool

You could use a spot with halo on probably.

edit; example the only real problem is that it’s impossible to get a real ‘laser’ this way (as the light gets wider. it looks fine from the angle you have for your scene though)

hey! thx sandrew! that helps a lot, i hadn’t thought of using halo. thx!

Wow, I like the detail in the sides of the gun, the only thing I think would make it kick a little more ass is if there was some kind of faded texturing on it, like some rust or scratches on it, but anyways, that’s just me, overall, kick ass turret

haha melam i WISH i knew how to do something that kick ass. =(