Wallace and gromit

Small weekend prj, after i watched that movie where they go to find cheese on the moon.
And i still got that music ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jvOTsi3i64 )

Bravo! Good job capturing the likeness. An animation would be amazing but a lot of work I admit. My favorite episode is “The Wrong Trousers.”

Would it be ok to do an animation, or would i then get in trouble with copyrights ?.

In the above picture the vertex topology isnt ideal for animation;… but well i could create another and rigid, but i wont like to get in trouble. Or should it then be published as fan art, …but the likeness is pretty good, maybe even better then their games…

(its almost impossible to do it as good as the original as that is done with clay.)
(note 2 i made the background painting too in real, so no copyright violations there)

I’d have to agree. Best script they ever did.

The modelling is excellent!
You have caught the likeness very well.

Lighting could be improved, it looks as though you have just a single top light in the scene.
Consider using some fill lights with a slight yellowish tone to soften the picture where there are hard shadow edges.

Obviously you have not had a chance to work on the textures at all.
In my opinion the colour of Grommit is off, he should be a more light tan, yellowy colour.
The eyes are a little too bright, especially on Wallace.

If you want to improve the modelling more, remember that the originals are ‘claymation’, and so are put together from ‘bits’ of stuff.
For example, Wallace sweater-vest would look better if modeled as a separate mesh over the base.
The eyes too would look better if they were separated more from the base.

Hope this helps


well the colors where picked from the image i used as backdrop, that couldnt be to far off i think.
but your right clay in the end is a different material not as smooth as normal computer CG,
And when clay animates… its almost impossible i think to get that in CG animation.
Walleys vest is made from clay as well in real, and the cotton pattern is just done by someone’s nails :slight_smile:
I guess it could be done in sculpt, or maybe a bump map, but my experience with them is not so good that i would be able to create the real wallace cotton cloth mesh.

For the eyes their position is correct, but in the real ones, there the eyeballs have a small inprint on the clay material.
Since my mesh (at first) wasnt in high detail i didnt create this inprint, it would make look the eye area a bit larger tough eyeballs are the same size and position. But anyway thanks for notify me, because now it it clear to me that such small difference somehow influence the totla view of it.

I only had a frontside picture, and (from that movie) i got a wilde 30 degree side shot, so i allready my dificulties to make it.