Wallpaper - "Made in Blender"

I just created a very simple droid (simple mesh, simple rigs) just to make him part of a wallpaper.

Any one interested in obtaining such a wallpaper… or droid’s blend file? :wink:


Ooo… I like it! Can you double the size and make the background in blue! I’d like to use it for my wallpaper. And I would like to look at the little droid, he looks cute! You got a name?
Only thing is that his feet seem backwards and I think he needs a little mouth! Nice job!

Size - The forum has cut it into 1024 width, it was Full HD render.

No-mouth was my intention. Just wanted to try to get all his expression just from eyes and eyebrows.
And he has no name yet.

Actually his legs and feet are fine, the Blender logo is on his back! :wink:
See the left view here:


Oh now I see! I wanna see that rig! Please let me see that .blend! I love this little guy!

Here you go.
It’s in its early stage but have fun with it.


Droid 004 wallpaper 001.blend (354 KB)

Cool! Thanks!