Is there any non-python script way to make a wall stop one property from going through and and other property that can’t go through the wall? :spin:

properties do not go at all. They are container for data applied to a game object.

I guess you mean something else. Please rephrase your request.

Btw. the only scripting language the BGE supports is Python. So no chance for a Non-Python script ;).

When he says property I assume he means a specific object. I can only think of one very hacky solution but it wouldn’t be perfect.

If game objects with properties are meant I think we need some more details for a good solution:

  • how many objects can collide with the wall at the same time? (only one at the time= easier; multiple = harder)
  • what should happen with blocked objects? (just stopped = easier; physics reaction = harder)

if you mean game objects then i know a way you can do this without
a python script.
Though it does not depend on the property the game object has but rather
the property you gave the wall object (a.e. “wall”)
Object A has no logic bricks to make it stop at a wall while object B will
stop when it “sees” (ray) the wall. I dunno if it makes any sense but it’s all
in the .blend file.
Both objects use the servo control.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:


wallCollision.blend (1.28 MB)

I don’t really know how it would be done. Just where some objects can go through a wall when others can’t. Like a player restriction.

I meant the logic brick way. . .