Walther P38, critique needed :)

I’m practicing hard-surface modeling.
It’s hi-poly for baking maps :slight_smile:

I’m new to Blender, but how does one do hi poly hard surface modeling in Blender? Do you have any suggested tutorials I could check out?

Hello, like your model. You will add some relief on the grip or keep that on a texture ? Maybe that could be cool to modeling some details for the bake.

Thedonquixotic, you should check out this: http://topologyguides.com/
Also I suggest to watch some timelapses to see techniques and tools.

hook2b, Thanks, I’m going to use heightmaps to add those details.
It would definitely look cool modeled but also would take so long to make :smiley:

There are mainly two issues within Your Model:

  1. the barral is not drilled. (Depends from what angle it will be seen later on, but as You showed it in here, it’s missing) see reference picture below.

  2. The fixing screws of the handle are not in the center just cause they would disturb the loader-path. see second picture for reference (the left side seems to be ok, but on the right side I’m not shure). Within this You might also notice, that the loop ring on the right handle bottom is a bit more narrow and a bit more in hight. (Yours seems to be quadratical)

Hope, that this helps.