Wamth In Ice

Hi blenderartists! I like to enter lots of blender competitions. Well, this is my entry to the Architectural Rendering competition (Blendercookie). Although I didn’t win any prices, I felt more motivated for newer projects. Anyway, enough of me talking here. This is my entry:


I wanted to create an exterior image with this type of building. I later came up with the snow idea, considering the fact that in parking places like this, the ground is usually warmed up by underground canals, causing the snow to melt.

I rendered this in cycles with 8000 samples in 36 hours. I used Photoshop for post processing. Multiple render passes were used to add some more realism to the wet asphalt. The inside of the mall was modeled and rendered to create a more realistic translucency on the windows. Lots of blue and cyan was used to balance out the strong use of yellow and orange in most of the building.

This project was so heavy that I had to render it in multiple scenes.

I used a bit of nature on the left to create a more comfortable image to look at.

Regard the fact that blenders anti-aliasing isn’t perfect for ID-masks, z-pass, etc you may see some artifacts around the edges of different elements in this scene.

Thank you for being here!

-Iago Mota

[email protected]

By the way, the asphalt may look a little noisy but, it’s just the texture that when shrinked down it begins to look noisy.