Wanna design a kids campaign?


I’m an art director at a advertising agency in Amsterdam and we’re looking for a 3D artist that can design our new kids campaign. There’s limited time and budget (as usual ;-), but a lot of creative freedom!

Please let me know if your interested!

I’m not myself, but if you wish to get a more positive response here, I would recommend supplying us with more details.

Wage amount, concept (if any), timeframe etc etc.
It would help if we knew what company we’d be working for too :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to start on a anti drug campaign for kids. Just have not got around to it. Need more information to understand what you are needing.

Anti-drug campaigns are EVIL.

We need education so people can make informed choices rather than force feeding propaganda to kiddies (who will pick up on that and then be more likely to get high)

It was basically going to be informative in a sense to show the long term effects of drug use. No force feeding stuff

That’s cool then :slight_smile:

Just be sure to mention the benefits as well/not exaggerate things. It’ll be taken a LOT more seriously.

All the best for your project. We need more media on touchy subjects such as these. Sorry I can’t help, but thanks for considering the blender crew!