Wannabe Bullet Hell Game Demo

Finished - roughly - the first seven levels of my game-in-progress, a folky themed old style shooter game, so I thought I share it with you guys for some feedback.

All zipped up here

I hope it is forgivable to not share the .blend file, but I use 2.61 and I have no idea how it all would look in other versions of Blender, plus, I am kind of embarassed of my scripting and logic brick setups which might seem very amateurish.

Arrow keys - move
Z - select (menus)/shoot (levels)
X - bomb (if you have any)
Shift - focus (slower movement speed for precise moves)


Hi ! I only played the level 1, and I must say it’s very good. You had a realistic project that you have almost finished.:yes:
That’s better than a lot of bge games out here.
About criticism, I just think that the music in the village is a little bit too repetitive and I don’t like very much the face of the fairy.
But overall you made a great game with nice graphics, good job !
If you want more downloads and reviews, you should post screenshots and/or a video.

Thanks for the feedback! I added some screenshots to the original post now, I just kind of hastily made the thread a few days ago. :confused:

As for the “almost finished” part, I plan to add quite a few more levels with different designs (like winter, city, desert, etc), so the final game is still far away, but the scripting/logic bricking part is mostly done, the rest of the work is content creation only.

Neat! The game didn’t run the first 2 times I tried it but then it worked, no idea what I did differently. Seems you have the basic concept down, maybe you could use 3d to play around with the basic bullet hell gameplay by altering the play angle or something like that.

nice game!

Very beautiful HUD

Nice work :smiley: