Want a smoke?

Just want some C&C.
Think I should make the clothes more “wavy” ? If so please give me a referance image.

This would look better if the hand was coming out of the dark and you could just see 2 red eyes otherwise great idea.

Well, the message is well recieved. = )


  1. You could make wrinkles and folds in the cloth mesh by adding many loopcuts and scaling. I dont have a good reference picture for you (sorry).
  2. If fire was your intention for the background, you might want to use a more realistic texture, unless simplicity was also your intention.

if you want to be accurate, there are 20 cigarettes per pack. Three rows. 7 in the first, six in the middle, and 7 in the back. MMM… time for a smoke.

Ven0mSevenX : I’ll see what I can do about the wrinkles.

psyborgue : I’ll clear that :smiley:

Thanks for the C&C and more is still welcome!

Unused cig’s aren’t that brown on the backside.
If you put letters on the pack, make sure you can read them.
i agree with the dark background thing, because the cloth doesn’t look too good where the detail in the front looks quite good.

Oh, maybe because I blurred the back. I only didnt blur the hand and smokes and the smokepack.

Now, let’s see, fixed the color at the end of the smokes, adjusted the number of smokes in the pack, adjusted the hood a little and… thats about it. And this time I didn’t blur the background.

I agree, That background looks too bright to make this a menacing figure offering death. Plus some misty darkness shrouding it would help hide some modelling problems such as no wrinkles, and the odd way the arms hook into the body.

If possible, keep the flames, but use them as a glow from the front so the scene gets bathed in a dull red glow. Maybe even make eyes that are nothing more than reflections of the flames.

i think if you used yafray GI instead of blender AO it would look better, that way you would see the light coming from the background on his clothes a little bit. Not bad. You should give him a really evil smile.

):smiley: WANNA SMOKE? Muahahahahahaha…!

that tis a very cool idea, however been a smoker i enjoy smoking, and i cant help but think that theres no one ide rather be offered a cig by than death himself, i mean cmon, hes a celeb and a half, still, i like waht uve done, looks cool. (a smirkin skull would look cool)

Any better now?
C’mon , let’s keep the C&C coming… :smiley:

Nice, but my eye is being drawn to th fact the cigarette packet is being held upside down, it would be more natural to offer someone a smoke from a packet with the flip-top pointing down, maybe being held there with a bony finger.


hehe using a negative material eh nice move… let the background do the work… or the shading on em is conincidental… who knows?..

I think it would be nicer with only an arm coming from the blackness, and two red dots for eyes.

Like looks more like this: http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/3699/smokesed6.jpg
I just photoshoped it (not perfect, just to let you see the basic look of what i think it would look good like)

Now, does it seem better?
I didnt bother re-rendering it with AA by the way.

this reminds me of “cemetierre,” a picture in blender art magazine of Death sitting on a tombstone, smoking a cigarette, with his scythe leaning against it. I forget which issue it was though, but which ever one was the character modeling issue.

Ding! The Scythe! (why didn’t anyone think of that before…) give the dude a scythe like the real deth. Otherwise he just looks like a skeleton in a cloak.

Messed around a little and got something that look like wrinkles…
Oh, and, I dont think so about the scythe.

the wrinkles dont look very natural and random. is it part of the model or is it a displacement map tex?