Want Feedback on the Textures on my moder

Hello i am currently learning all the steps in making a 3d model.
I have retopologized and baked the normal maps using cage,then textured the low poly mesh

Can i get some feedback on how to make this model look real?

Also in the rendered version the color of skin is showing to be white.
How can i make it look skin color?


light sources seem to be way too high !
or world light not certain

check these out

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where can i find these options?

look in world panel and check light intensity
but did you add any other light sources in your scene ?

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Then I’d say you’re doing extremely well in just a couple of days.
Keep in mind there is an exposure setting under color management. Just as in real life we can expose for pretty much any lighting conditions. Do the normal maps “look correct”? Does things improve if you simply disconnect them?

It always helps if we had a file to look at. File/External/Pack all into blend and share via pasteall.org if you can’t attach here. If the character is something unique you don’t want to share, at least provide some faces on the back of his head where we can see shading errors.

Do you want it to look real, or do you want it to look like your reference? Those are two very different things.

Your reference in this case is cell-shaded, while your materials seem to be using “realistic” lighting.

You may also want to look into the use of freestyle, or alternative outlining techniques. This is heavily dependent on mesh topology (like your reference’s muscles).

It does look bright, and you may want to tone your albedos down about 20%, then increase lighting to compensate.


you did not include some of the UV image
so hard to tell what it renders like !
can you upload some

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bro it is in the dropdown menu in image editor.

I can see the names
still getting use to 2.8

but cannot see the images when selected and
if you try to unpack it is telling me there is nothing there!

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Try edit mode when texture map is opened and low poly is selected.

If still not fixed screenshot me a image

here in edit mode
there must be some parameter somewher!

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I can see the uv islands.What is the problem you are facing.

cannot see the image as in 2.79 in UV editor
might be missing some parameter!

I change the render Film and added transparent
and reduce sun lamp to 0.3

seem to clear up a lot of thing

looks to me there is some sort of world image very bright
but where is it ?

i assume this is using EEVEE

image texture?

yes in UV editor when you select an image it should appear in UV editor
but it does not show up

and when rendering don’t see any image color!

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go to texture paint beside uv editing

did a test for UV image and I can see it in my file
no problems at all

so I think you did not pack up the files in the blend file!
unless someone else can tell where it is in your file !

also you did not compress your file which go down to 35 MB instead of 85 MB!

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Does anybody else have a feedback on the textures?

Images are not packed. In material, the normal map texture is set to sRGB, that should be Non-Color.
Still, it won’t fix the problem. Both the high and lowpoly object have bad topology. It’s an attempted model with an inside mesh as well - it has a thickness. In many places these overlap, so the inverted “inside mesh” is poking through the “outside mesh”. You can easily see this yourself with viewport overlays/face orientation. There shouldn’t be anything showing up in red on the outside, and nothing in blue on the inside - for a solid model at least. A hollow model, I’m clueless, I’ve not seen that done before :slight_smile: Only if he was supposed to be a shelled glass model would that make sense.

Basically, I don’t think there is hope to get a good bake on those meshes in their current state. Others feel free to disagree, this is outside my comfort zone. The model is also about 20 meters tall, which will have an impact if using inverse square lighting.

Edit: Oh man… It was his clothes in separate meshes. That improves things, but I still see some problems. Clothes meshes have inside faces poking through. And I can find holes in the man mesh.

Bad separation job, but you get the idea.

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