want some help learning how to use blender...

to put it super simple,
id like to use this software to get a little pocket money (im just turning 16) and a lot of companys in my area are interested.
the problem is, i dont know how to use this program very well and all the blends i do are very simple but effective.
im after ideas, so i can learn how to use blender to create images or short animations, anything is welcome but dont be upset if i dont use your suggestion.

im working with a quad core laptop with 6gb ram, but the graphics card is BUILT INTO the CPU, therefore cycles is slow if i try to push the samples above about 250?
but cycles is better, so id like to use it still.

editbso with that in mind id like a few ideas of what to create, and help doing so if needed…
ill also upload a link to my skydrive account so you can see previous renders.
(just ask for the blender file and ill post it)


id like to use this software to get a little pocket money (im just turning 16) and a lot of companys in my area are interested.

so with that in mind id like a few ideas of what to create

Ask the companies what they want and then make that

Not sure you are in the right thread for this.

However. If you are new to Blender, try these sites and watch as much as you can. Then practise. And practise.


Good luck!

ive looked at a lot of these sites but i have a really short attention span unless i have an objective…
thats why i started asking around here…

also i shall be posting links to sky drive account as the attachments are too big to post here

they are usually wanting their logo being re-designed

what do you want to know?

I can help with modeling, rigging, animation and particles and the BGE, and 6dof rigid body etc

well like i said, id like to be able to make renders of almost any object as id like to be able create logos.
this means short animations that will be used as intros or gifs on webpages etc. or just png images.

modeling new objects, light set ups, TEXTURING, compositing…
all things i could recieve tips on.


im also really interested in character modelling, texturing, rigging etc
but the important stuff is all above :stuck_out_tongue:

Well to do any of that stuff, you need to look at some tutorials and understand the basics first, regardless of attention span. Most tutorials have an end objective, to model the thing in the tutorial lol

like i said ive seen alot of tutorials but now its got to the point where i dont want to be copying a tutorial, i wanna test and improve my current skills…
before now you probably all thought i was a lazy fucker :slight_smile:

Join a BGE project, (cough cough, like Wrectified)

or a animation team! :slight_smile:

i wouldnt even consider touting my services for pay until i knew exactly what i was doing and what my machine was capable of. the last thing you need is a customer giving you a job that turns out to be,
A; way beyond your skills in terms of required professional finish.
B; going to take six months to render because your machine sucks and the deadline is tomorrow.

my advice is to just practice. if your looking for inspiration join in with CGHUB’s monthly challenges or take on some of the blender guru challenges, even though they are over they give you a brief on what is wanted, and you can take your time getting the model right.
or you can go ahead and re design company logo’s just for the experience. give yourself a deadline of say one week to complete each project. once you know that it will take an hour and a half to render a full HD image then you can calculate such things into your contract, when the time comes.

experience and the quality that comes with it will pay better in the long run than a reputation for amateur work early in your career

thanks, i spose you guys are right…

just wanted to work as a team to strengthen the weakest guy? but sure… more tutorials :confused:

Everyone understands that someone wants to start. Everybody’s got to start somewhere. Be willing to start anywhere, doing anything, and do the best job of that … that you can.

My first job was to sit inside the computer center (there were no PCs then), and tear paper off a line printer and shove it into the appropriate slot. At eleven o’clock at night. I didn’t care: what was important to me was the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth words of this paragraph.

I didn’t read a single manual without asking … and read all of them. I pretended not to know a single password I hadn’t been given :rolleyes: … and nevertheless never used a single one that I’d only seen. Uh huh. I found out years later (not to my surprise, really) that the nightly logs were checked.

So maybe I give you a job inspecting the work. Or minding the renders late at night. I watch to see if you are a sponge. And if you are faithful. “He who is faithful with little, will be faithful with much.” It’s not just a Bible verse.