Want to Help Development - Start from Scratch...

Hey BA…

Im new here on the site.
I am from Denmark and I use Blender studying Architecture…
I have followed blender since v. 2.0 and I am greatly impressed by the workallof you put in the project. It has helped me a lot.
So I would like to help. I know that there is a lot of information on how you can start at translation or Documentation and I intent to start there. But I would really like to use this as a way of developing myself to be able to code as well.
You know. Start small and work my way up over the next couple of years.
I know my math but I have know idea where to start when it comes to the insides of computers. It never really was important until now.

So my question is:
Is there anyone who could help me and maybe others getting into the system by lighting up a path for us on the terms of where to start development of apps and what direction to head?
What languages should you get to know and how do they connect with the projects being coded out in the Open world??

I hope I can get to help this project and maybe others as well, who knows…

Anyway cheers on a nice rainy day in DK

  • Ejnaren

PS if this is posted in the wrong place… well im sorry… havent found the light switch yet… :wink: