Want to Make a Mouse-Click Text Scene But Have Problems

I want to make a scene where it goes through some text when you left click a text. So, when I left click the “Continue” text, I want to go to the next series of text. I got this working with an integer property. However, after the second text, I want it to return back to the menu scene. I tried using properties for this but it messes it up completely. Think of it like a textbox kind of. xD I’ll give the file because I feel like I’m not being clear enough.

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The Soul Catcher- Version X.blend (2.08 MB)

How about setting the integer property to zero?
Mode:[Assign] property:yourProperty Value:0

You can even use modulo to ensure the integer stays in range.
A) included in the formula (myProperty and max have to be properties):
Mode:[Assign] property:yourProperty Value: (yourProperty + 1) % max

B) one changing property actuator and one wrapping property actuator
Mode:[Add] property:yourProperty Value: 1
Mode:[Assign] property:yourProperty Value: yourProperty % max

I got it to work with the assigning. :3

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