Want to play?


Here’s my latest work, enjoy! I’ve also included some test poses.


cute :), nice job

These blue eyes could be better, maybe a better texture? The eyebrows fall into my eye for some reason … Looks like someone just drew them with a marker on his face.

The lower lip looks really to thin for my taste in the smile pose.
And as he is smiling, his lips shouldn’t be so forward, they should squish in.

It appears from the sleeping pose, as if his jaw junction is going behind the ears and to the back of his head. …
The belly could have as much muscle info as the legs…
The room sceen could really use some harder darker shadows, the whole scene looks bland.

But other then these nitpicks, it’s nice. Really like the angry pose :slight_smile:

Gush FreeMind … detailed observation there … it looks GREAT to me … but what do I know…lol … love some good critics.

very cute! I like the finger to the lips (classic “did I do something wrong?” pose) and the detail of the toy hanging out to the drawer (unrelated to whatever he did naughty I’m sure). Anyway, it’s probably hard not to make a baby cute, but none-the-less I congratulate you on a cute baby (and picking a great subject). :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback and stars:-)
@TomJ: Actually choosing my subject wasn’t very hard…if all goes well I’m going to become a dad at the end of October:D

@Freemind, nice remarks. The poses were for test and you’re right. The lips look thin in that one. I’ve played with darker colors and harder shadows, but this didn’t give the soft cartoon look I wanted. Good catch about the jaw junction. I don’t know why I didn’t notice actually…

@messenger, yup critics… but it is ok. If I wanted more feedback earlier I should have posted in the critique forum.

There seems to be something off about the eyelids but the expressions are way nice!