I am needing to upgrade my server (well, need maybe is a little strong) but my current server is running a Duron 1200, and I want to upgrade the CPU to something like an XP 2000 - 2400 (266 FSB). I bought a CPU + mobo from a fellow blenderhead (jellywerker) and it’s running great. A couple weeks ago I bought a used Athlon 2000 off ebay, and it was DOA - luckily it was from an auction company and they refunded me the money no hassle.

I trust a fellow blender head more than a stranger from eBay. Anybody out there with a good stable CPU sitting on the shelf collecting dust (of course in an antistatic container of sorts). I’m in Alberta Canada if that makes a difference shipping wise. Or does anybody know where to get used CPUs that aren’t untested as-is not guaranteed DOA for cheap? The one I bought was for $14.50 USD plus shipping.

Thanks for any tips.