War Cannon (3d Model)

A rustic looking War Cannon 3d Model. The grungy metal and wood textures makes the canon look older and worn. The 3d model is entirely UV unwrapped and All the textures have Been baked. It is also rigged for easy animation. You can rotate the cannon up and down with a cannon controller, rotate all the wheels with one wheel rig controller, and control the entire cannon with another control.

Inside the Blend file, there are three collections that you can turn on and off. The first collection has the main Cannon Model in it, the second one has the lights and camera, and the third collection contains the cannon balls.

The scene is also ready with composing nodes, to make the final render look even better.

You Can Purchase This 3d Model on the Blender Market:

This 3d Model can also be purchased from the following sites. Links are in the description of the Product Trailer video on YouTube.

Flipped Normals
CG Trader
Blender Market

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