Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Today I started a new Blender project because I was bored.

Out came this little War Robot :

Up to now I didnt have ideas of how to make the feet, so if u have suggestions, feel free to tell them to me. Also I dont know if Iโ€™m going to add arms, because I donโ€™t know if they are needed for such a kind of Robot.

I hope u like it :slight_smile: if not, pls tell me what I could change

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Here is a small update to my Bot :slight_smile: I added feet and some Details. Next steps that Iโ€™m going to take, are to add some cables and after that Iโ€™ll start Texturing.

I hope u like it :slight_smile: And if not, pls make suggestions what u think I could change, because I really want to improve.