Warhounds Game Project

Hello, the Boomslang Studio team has been working on a game project called Warhounds. It is a mmo mech strategy shooter inspired by the xbox 360’s title “Chromehounds”. The game allows the player to gather or join a squad of Hound pilots to battle other Hound pilots and territories for continental domination, using a customizable mech called a “Hound”. The player is able to customize their own “Hound’s” using a vast selection of parts and varieties of different chassis types that allow for an endless amount of customization that is only limited by the players creativity. I will post an example of the hound setup in the thumbnails.

Now that you know a little about what we are working on. Let me explain who is needed for our project. We are currently not in the stage for any massive programming skills. However if you are willing to help programming wise here and there we would be more than happy to have you. However what we really need are skilled texture artists and model rig/animators. We may be able to take a few modelers but not many. We also need writers and Concept artists.

If you can help in any of these skill ranges you can contact us at the email below. We are excited to hear from you. Thank you

Email: [email protected]


Why are those parts ciricled? And I’d be interested in joining if you wish. I have a massive understanding of motors, servos, joints, etc.

They are circled to show that they are all seperate pieces. If they were uncircled there may be some confusion as to what is what. Message our email and we will get you signed up on the website.

For those of you who may be wanting to know here is our current team:

Core Boomslang Studio Staff:
Cody Stugelmayer (AKA: Mrstugelmayer) - Asst. Director, Webmaster, Whatever is needed
Michael G. (AKA: AbStRaCt or Michaelog73) - Asst. Director, Whatever is needed
Nick Starkey (AKA: Hunter1428) - Director, Whatever is needed
Chris Milner (AKA: Radioactivemonkey) - Modeler
Name unknown (AKA: Wildshane) - Sound/music designer

Others who have helped us out:
Xolani Moche (AKA: Cryptochild) - Temp modeler
Brian McCain (AKA: BrioCyrain) - Temp Parts concept artists

If your interested in helping us out. Please sumit your interest at the web address: http://warhounds.ucoz.com/index/application_of_interest/0-11

Boomslang Studios

Stugelmayer! long time no see. Sorry about noob project. incase you happen to want it still.

Old Fashioned Car.blend (586 KB)

There’s one burden off my chest. Oh wait…

Revolver.blend (379 KB)

And one more.

Shotgun.blend (244 KB)

Much better. Hopefully on this project I’ll get stuff on time. So, still not exactly clear exactly what you want on first image.

@Graphix- (The past is the past, I look forwad to this project now) Anyways I have talked with the team and we have decided to let you join our team. Feel free to logon to our website, and start particapating in discusions. www.warhounds.ucoz.com (Yes you can use your same login stuff from the noob animation project)

P.S/FYI I’m doing some website remodeling so the homepage will be changing throughout the night. ’

See you on the site,
Boomslang Studio staff