Warlock (guitar) WIP

im still new i have only ever made one thing on blender besides this and i startyed this and this is about 20 mins into the project…this is my beautiful guitar…that isnt so beautiful when i model it but its great in real life lol :wink: here is my sad attempt…c&c are more then welcome
im gunna do more work especially on the neck it is too square i need to round off the bottom of it

Nice start, bevel the edges!
I realy like it! I tried something similar when i once started with blender, but that didn’t turn out to be this good!

Keep it up!

what do you mean bevel the edges?

The left isn’t beveld, the right is!

You’ll fund it if you go: Edit-mode >> W-Key >> Bevel

oh ok i get it that would look much better…i was inteding to do it manualy by adding and moving around verticies but this way would be much easier thank you for the help

ok so that bevel thing is all well and good and i really want to do it but because the guitar is an odd shape i couldn’t make it in all one face so it is multiple triangles and quadralaterals put together to make it and when i click bevel it does it to every face not just the outside edges and i end up with indents all over the guitar :-? any pointers??plz help i really want this to work

ok step one turn all the triangles into quads then try again

just atip quads are better than triangles

I modelled an accoustic but I did it by getting the profile of the neck right first and extruding it - like a capital D with a slight bow on the top-finger board - I actually put a different material on the fingerboard and added frets

Den Shi uploaded this image to

‘z’ ed screen grab
Den Shi uploaded this image to

dodgy render

(materials have gone as I moved this file!!!)

edit - heres a render of the whole guitar - just realised I missed off the bridge/scratchplate and the brace under the neck (better do that sometime)


heres a tutorial on an accoustic:


its at geocities, so dont reload the pages too much, or else u have to wait an hour for the bandwidth to go back down :expressionless:

I wont post the accoustic i made… looks like **** :expressionless: %|

As for bevel - Use script - Mesh->Bevel center (included in std. install). It’s waaay more controllable than standard bevel.

sounds liek a good idea trident but i cant seem to find the tool your telling me about…any help?

It’s in the Phyton-scripts. If you don’t know where it is:
Split the screen and choose the snake down to the left, there you have all your nice scripts (Almost all… OK, some of them)

hmmmi found what your talking about but it says i have no scripts running :-?

In EDIT mode, press “W” key and from the bottom of the menu, select BEVEL.

You should only need recursor “1” fro what you are doing.


ok i finally figured it out and this is what i came up with after redoing the whole thing

added some detail to the body (volume and tone knobs,rhythem switch, and two humbucker pickups) tell me what you think c&c will be great

Maybe that bevel was too thick? Try smoothing it a bit.

no it is about the right thinkness im looking at my guitar right now and looks liek that…i agree though about trying to smooth it out a little which i already have a bit but im gunna try to modle the whole thing and then do some fine tuning…im pretty satisfied with it compared to my first render…this is only me second project my first was a sword…a really simple sword…this is taking alot more work

Not bad. I like it. BC Rich?

Try “Set Smooth” and then Autosmooth. You won’t see smoothing results until you render, but it allows you to only smooth the faces that need it, like the rounded edges, while keeping the solid flat parts flat.

Also, I may be wrong but those pickups seem mighty tall and narrow. I’m assuming they are fairly standard humbuckers, but I may be mistaken.

your right its a bcrich warlock…ummthe humbuckersare the right hight off…its a raisd bridge guitar…(bridge is above surface of body) so that pckups have to be high…but your right that they are a litle narrow