hey guys… no idea where the isnpiration comes from but mostly it starts when i move some objects around like in this case… created with blender and moi3d… the spaceship was created with moi3d why with moi3d ? because here i get faster to my results + auto uv on export. the sci-fi kitbash walls are from Serhii Voloshenko for free, I used them to create the stargate or warp gate and in the hangar I used some panels to make the scene a little more interesting… I wanted to create an animation but with cycles it would take me forever and with eevee I’m not so satisfied

created and rendered with Blender 2.91 (Cycles) 500-1000 Samples
spaceship created with Moi3d
Sci-Fi walls from Serhii Voloshenko


instagram @edit__3d

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