Warp hassles in 2.69

Making some planets using the warp in side view 180 front view 360 on a grid. I had to revert back to a prior version to have any joy.

When I try and warp in 2.69 I am getting “radius NONE, Clamp ON” message as soon as I hit a number for an angle, and then nothing happens. Is there some setting I have fecked up?

can you elaborate a little
show some pic or upload a sample file

mean something like that

happy bl

Hi Richard, Ricky,

yep that’s the way I do it. Had to use a prior version (see the earth).

In 2.69 I get this… see image… I have no idea how Radius NONE Alt, CLAMP ON is but unfortunately I doesn’t warp


well first of all don’t think this is an appropriate way to map a planet!
see blenderguru tut on planet !

but are you in bl or cycles
in bl there is a direct way to do the mapping!
cycles see blenderguru mapping technic probably better then using warp thing
which is not a mapping method by the way
it’s is more a twisted way of wrapping a plane but what about distortion !


Warp tool is being worked on and changed so the function is quite different, but if you are using a stable build it should be the same.
Where did you get the 2.69 you are using in which you see an Alt - clamp option?
If it is a development build get a later one and don’t use the Shift-W shortcut - go to the transform menu and pick warp. Shift-W calls the ‘Bend’ tool which was the updated Warp tool which was complained about so some poor developer (Thanks, Ideasman!) had to go to the trouble of splitting it into its own tool and restoring the warp tool to what it was, only slightly different and enhanced.

…see blenderguru mapping technic…

Lol, Ricky you crack me up. I wonder what people were using to map images to spheres before that.


Cheers for the heads up. 2.69 built from the svn. also shows the same behaviour from the Tools menu. NP I have plenty of older versions kicking around to warp with in the mean time… twas just one of those wtf moments.

I have a build, r60885 (the splash says 2.69 release candidate 3). In it the warp tool works as it has in the past. The most recent build I have (5da703e) loses a certain functionality (the moving of the cursor is not reflected in further adjustment of the parameters) but gains some more control in another area (offset and min max sliders), I was trying to say.

what do you mean can you elaborate a little!

i never use Warp to map a planet before!
too much distortion
warp has never been considered a mapping method for a planet as i know of!

in BL you have a direct way of doing it (equiangular map) ) or use the sphere mapping
which is an officail method as indicated in wiki !

in cycles it is a little more difficult
but there is the enviro map which has the equiangular mapping method

any doc on this warp revamp ?

happy bl

let me re phrase the Mapping thing
and i’m not referring to the mapping node in cycles here !

NASA has something like 100 may be 150 methods of mapping a 2 D planet map to a 3 D sphere
depends on what distortions you want to accept and on type of distortions acceptable

the most used 2D map is the equiangular map (or cylindrical map ) like this one from NASA

now blender has only on method to map this type of 3D equiangular map as i know of
which in blender is call the equiangular method
and as i know of using warp to do it is not an official way for mapping 2D map to 3D sphere
it may be a nice trick but not an official one
so you may end up with all kind of distortions which are not as the real method

so if you want precision here you should use the offiicial method to get the most precise results
wiht known distortions

hope this clarify what i mean here

now i would like to see other map mapping methods added to blender
this would open up the field for mapping a little in blender
but don’t think that many peoples are interested in this field of science yet!

happy bl