Warped/Twisted Texture Issue

Good Evening, I’m doing some simple modelling of a tower, and somehow my textures got warped/twisted and they no longer match up correctly. I have the texture mapping set to ‘tube’, and the texture looked great, but then something happened and when I do a test render, the whole picture isn’t as smooth, and for some reason the roof tiles no longer go to the peak of the roof. For some reason I have the feeling that it has something to do with the render settings, but I’ve looked through all of the options and nothing looks promising. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! This is driving me crazy—I don’t even know where to start looking. Thanks!



That is very odd. I dont think anything in the render settings could make such a drastic change to the way the uv mapping looks. Your problem might be found in the textures tab, where things can get tweaked to change the uv mapping. Maybe u could post the .blend and im sure i could find your problem.

Another thing that might have created this is when u unwrapped your tower, the coordinates on the image in the uv image editor got moved around and stretched the image.

I have attached my .blend file–thanks so much for your help!


Tower.blend (418 KB)

I opened the .blend but there arent any textures showing up…did u maybe forget to pack them, cause if u dont then they wont show on someone elses computer because the original files are on your computer.
If u dont know how to pack an image here is a screeshot of where to find the “pack image” button.

I have attached the packed .blend; sorry 'bout that–lesson learned :slight_smile:


Tower.blend (696 KB)

sorry i cant seem to figure out whats causing the warping. Maybe try and take all the textures and everything off and then redo it, that sometimes works.
Sorry i couldn’t help more :confused:

Well, I really appreciate your effort! I’m pretty confused by what’s going on as well–I’ll just redo it and everything should be fine. It’s a good thing I wasn’t very far along in the modelling process. Thanks again!

Yeah,that should work, redoing everything and starting over is almost guaranteed to work. This is strictly my opinion, but i think u should put a window on it, to give it a little more interest, but like i said just my opinion :slight_smile: BTW, is this model for a game or simply for personal learning of modeling and texturing in blender? If you need help ever texturing something for a game or something simple like this, just send me a PM and ill be glad to help. Hope it works out for u!
Happy blending :slight_smile: