Warped UV unwrap

Hi everyone

I have a simple model which I added seams to, but when unwrapping using the Conformal setting,
the UV comes out warped. I have no modifiers on this model, I have recalculated normals etc etc.
No matter what I’ve tried so far, it comes out warped.

Is there anything else I can check or do to get a straight/uniformed UV?

Edit: Rephrased question

Hi there,

You didnt include your actual question - by the first view, the unwrap looks exacty what to expect by your given seams

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I guess you would like to have something like this:

Disabling the “Fill Holes” option when unwrapping might help …

UV-Unwrap 2

Hmmm, lol. Thought I did. If possible, I’ll edit the post.

But no, I was expecting straight lines. This is 1 of 2 very similar models. The other one with the exact same seams unwrapped just fine.

Thank you for the reply. I used the exact same unwrap settings as you showed.

This is when I tick Fill Holes

As yo can see, all kinds of messed up.

“Follow Active Quad” should help:

  • select a face, straighten the edges so that they would be perfectly horizontal and vertical;
  • select the rest of the mesh, with first face as Active;
  • unwrap using Follow Active Quad.

This worked much better, thank you. It’s still not completely straight though.
But I can live with this. Just weird that one model worked fine, and this one not.

I’ve added the .blend if anyone wants to try and help figure out why it’s not straight.
weirdUV.blend (848.8 KB)

The active quad must’ve been not straight enough:

To straighten an edge scale it on an axis to 0

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I manually straightened the edges of one of the quads in the uv map and then re-unwrapped with follow active

like @StrayBillie said, haha

here’s a file
weirdUV - fixed.blend (834.4 KB)

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Apply scale before unwrapping.

lol, I did straighten it. ALL of them scaled to 0 in their respective axis.
Unless I missed something somewhere :man_facepalming:t4:

wtf…lol, I’m certain I manually straightened everything. Yet yours works fine and mine is still messed up :rofl:

I usually just select a quad and do UV/reset, followed by select all and UV/follow active quad. Then I can scale the island after the fact as required. If there are ngons in there, select all the quads and pin then after the unwrap procedure above, then select all and hit basic unwrap.

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