Warping when posing an armature, weight paint

So I’m currently having an issue with my riggings that I don’t understand. Setting up an armature and using auto weight paint used to work really well for me, but in my recent models it’s causing a massive amount of warping.

This is unposed, with the new model on the left and the old model on the right

Here’s posed. The newer model on the left goes through massive warping of the whole head and upper torso, whereas the old model doesn’t deform much.

I’ve checked, and the settings I’m using are the same, I created the armatures and did the auto weight paint in the same way, and I’m confused as to what could be causing this. Can anyone help me out? Also heads up, I’m not great at modeling.


New with issue: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3wAWg0-7czHbkNSWE1BZG5yRTQ&authuser=0

Old: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3wAWg0-7czHMnh5R2lyYzk2M0k/view?usp=sharing

Not sure what you’re expecting anyone to tell you since you have suppled such little info (no blend file supplied so no indication of the mesh or anything about weighting)

Therefore the usual answer applies: Check the weighting is correct for ALL the bones

I apologize. Here are the blend files:

New, with issue https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3wAWg0-7czHbkNSWE1BZG5yRTQ/view?usp=sharing

Old https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3wAWg0-7czHMnh5R2lyYzk2M0k/view?usp=sharing

You have normals flipped inside out. In edit mode select all of your vertices and click Recalculate Normals in the Tool Panel (UVs/Shading Tab).

Redo your weighting.

You are not going to get the best deformations with this mesh as you do not have good topology around the bending joints.

Good Luck!

That worked perfectly! Thanks! would you happen to know what causes this in the first place? and how you could tell? Just so I have a little deeper understanding of the mechanics at work here. I guess I could ask google about that too though.

And I know I won’t get great deformations, not looking for perfection at the moment, just learning.

The visual clue was your mesh had dark grey areas. This usually means there are flipped normals. It can happen anytime during modeling, but most often it happens after an extrusion. (For me at least.)

Before rigging: Recalculate Normals, Remove Doubles, Apply location, rotation and scale to your mesh. Your mesh was fine. (Except the normals.)

It looks like you have an edge loop located between every bone. That’s a good thing. All you need for good deformation (in most cases) is to add an edge loop on either side of that central loop.

Glad you go it worked out.