Warrior Alien

I’ve been working on this for about a couple weeks and i’m not really sure how i like it. The arms look too thick and the claws look a bit too much like tree bark. I would like to know how i could change it to make it look more realistic and creepy.

any suggestions are appreciated!

if you are going for a cartoonie feel then the model is fine for that…
if you are going for a more realistic design then look to nature to help you out, Consider the evolution of the creature (its what i did whilst doing the creature’s in Tangiers)

The Metatarsal (the length of bone connecting the foot to the leg) is way to thin to support the mass of the creature (Hind Leg examples)
At this point i would say the design has a very Gorilla like feel, But lacks proper muscle definition, some refinement and maybe a more hand feel would help round out the design. (Rs Ripper Demon Concept)

Dont be scared about looking around at other designs to help refine what your working on.
“Good artists copy, Great artists steal.” - Picasso

thank you Digitaly for your advice and i’m sorry for my extremely late reply. i’ll definitely keep the evolution of the creature and how the muscles should look in mind the next time i design a creature.