Warry (RPG Creature) WIP


A warry from an idea I had for an RPG a long way back. TBD – add hair, improve textures, and whatever suggestions are offered here… Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I think overall the image is really good, especially as you went out of your way to throw a texture onto it. The facial “friendly” expression is the icing on the cake.

*The paws can be improved - they seem just too consistant with each other - you ought to have them more true to form. And the “skin” could do with a tad bump mapping.

Look forward to your update!

hair plz! :smiley: and yes i love the face


After a long hiatus, I have decided to continue this project. Note that the background is just filler; I’m planning on something more original for my completed project.

Render without the grass, so you know he has feet :).