Warsaw Apartment

Hello everyone, My latest personal project, Apartment in Warsaw.

Software used: Blender | E-Cycles | Photoshop

Rendered mostly at 500 samples.



Maybe post something to the wall? :slight_smile: overall great as always.

I like this apartment very well and I like to know which number of F-stop did you use to achieve so nice DOF? Is it 1,7? I also like that every shot has the same brightness level.

@odil24 Thank you! I was thinking about it but ultimately decided that such a small space needs some breathing room so I left it blank.

@senteria Thanks a lot! It’s a relief to hear I got the brightness right because it was one of my main concerns during post-pro. F-stop value was different for every image, the biggest aperture was 1.8 and lowest 2.8 I think.


I like the coffee table.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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@mdickun Thanks, I personally would love to have one like that in real life :smiley:

@bartv Thanks a lot Bart, have a good one!

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This is AMAZING! I want to do exteriors like u in Blender. Best guy ever! Ur renders r so juicy. My renders r smooth idk wat to do with this. U have one fan in Russia. Me. :smiley:

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Thank you so much! Have you tried post-processing them in Photoshop? Increasing texture and clarity in Camera Raw filter helps a lot :wink:

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