Blender 2.73 Cycles render, 5150 samples, 1920 x 1080, 107% resolution.
Hope you like it.

great scene man! I like much the lighting, this scene could be great with a nocturne version how you another interior render, with both lamps I can imaginate you can achieve a interesting lighting too.

Great job! I agree, a nighttime version could be really cool. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Jose and ShadowCamero. Yes, I made a night version, but then I only made the day version, I think I finished bored about this image jeje. Thanks friends.

Wonderfull lighting it really sets the mood.

Thank you very much John!

great work man!

It is a very nice composition. Is it really rendered with only 5k samples? No fireflies and noise in interior scene with that value seem to be imposible with cycles. Did you draw this picture with a bird too?

-Alex_Sandberg: Thank you very much Alex! I am glad you like it.

-3dnotguru: Thank you very much! Yes, it has 5150 samples, but I think it is a lot of jeje (35 render hours). It hasn’t got noise correction with Gimp. I don´t understand the second question about a bird, are you refer to the fusuma door with a bird painted? It is an image from Internet. Thank you very much for comment.

Great work. Elegant simplicity all the way.

Great work… Looking forward to see more.

-Goldomega: thank you very much! Really the japanese rooms are very minimalists.

-Filmkaar: thank you very much friend!