wasps attack

iI all here is my new work . I just made up a model of wasp and then decided to make them attack the camera :slight_smile: Hope you like it.

I like this one. I think because it’s an unusual subject matter.

It has a “realistic cartoon” feel to it. I like the wasp flying upside down in the corner…daredevil!

Thanks Mike … thats what i want it make it look bit cartoonish . I am glad you like it. It is pretty simple scene nothing too complicated :slight_smile:

Nice work marnal, thumbs up from me :slight_smile: I don’t get the feeling of being “attacked” though, they seem almost curious about the camera somehow, which also works just fine and makes it interesting. It does have an animated feel to it, and the detail is just right make it realistically pleasant.

Thanks ParticleXY !

very nice model! can you post the wire?

Thanks Maxtux . here is the wire and normal map

I cant stand wasps and do feel like I am being attacked. However, that might just be me… :slight_smile:

Looks very nice! I might add a very tiny amount of chromatic aberration using the compositor, and possibly add some motion blur (you’d have to animate them, then). That way it doesn’t look like the wasps are just hovering there and not moving. Are the wasps the only part made in CG? If not, how much of the scene is?

Nice job overall :yes:

Oh, and I think the DoF needs to be stronger due to the size of a wasp :slight_smile:

[email protected] … you are being attacked :slight_smile:
SSimposible thanks for the suggestions! . I already start doing something else so i don’t think i will change this . I think you are right about the wasps i should probably blur them a bit … but then on the other side it will be everything blurred and nothing really in focus . I used motion blur for the wings. I wanted to have the wasps clear (not blurred ) . Wasps grass and stones are CG … just the mountains in the back is a photo .
DOF should be stronger too if i will be trying to make it real but then it will be again too blurred i think .
Sorry about my English …i hope i make sense :slight_smile: