watch cycles

begining to work on a watch in cycles

i did the inward text for controling the watch on the side
using boolean and got very noce results
i was surprise how well it came out

C&C welcomes


here it is with more details


as a model it looks quite nice as a render it is terrible.

its a WIP did not really work on the render itself but it is in cycles
will add an HDRI map to get more reflections and play with the mat
the grey is supposed to be chrome but it’s way too doll need more spec mirror

i don’t really like to make such high res thing but it’s the only way to get nice smooth surfaces
for a watch


added most of the inside details

happy blendering

on the real watch there are some grooves on top so i added some but it’s make it more difficult to render it!


The materials and studio need a lot of hard work but modeling is quite good better if you will show AO renders + wire

i think there is some bug with glossy rendering
but good news is that Bretch is working on this hope to see improvements soon

it already has AO added to get this clear render otherwise i get a lot of darken areas in render

have to look for this wiremesh thing which one did you have in mind ?


Cycles is now really powerfull so telling about some bugss about reflections is quite bad :stuck_out_tongue: You have just setup good materials and good studio and i prefer not use AO in cycles… AO is helpfully in BI… just render this in BI AO + wire.

did you build those numbers as meshes? the corners on the curves in the 6 and 5 are quite visible… looks a tiny bit odd for a digital watch.

To get some really good reflections, use an HDRi studio from here:

just pick default font from blender and reduce resolu to 4 to minimise verts counts
and applied a boolean modifier and it works like a charm

but agreed that the font is not like a real LCD display
if i have time later i will redo it with letters that looks more like real LCD display

the major problem right now is to get a nice clear render with a lot of glossy for the metal
an did tried many light set up including some simple HDRI and it did not give a nice render
lot’s of darken areas or very bright areas

so have to wait till bretch gets better lamp algo and see if that works better


better material show the nodes :D!

simple double glossy nodes plus fresnel node to emulate chrome
and tried other set up too

and at first i had my model vertical and 1/2 top was black and 1/2 bottom was white
so decided to rotate it horizontal and it work better with less darken areas for glossy parts

but even with that set up if you look carefully in last pic
you can still see that bottom part is too whitish

mind you here i’m trying to show the details inside and i don’t really have a scene

let me add a simple HDRI and see if it works better for the shinny part of chrome
be back with another pic


show the file i will create you a studio and materials :stuck_out_tongue:

i change the letters in display
and did 2 test different test for light set up
i still get the bottom part very bright not certain why !

some AO in first pic but not in second one!


HDRI maps sux… specialy from that link those are the most simpliest studios ever… and they render longer… and quality is not right. and you don’t have control etc balblabl…

Can you post a screen of your studio?

i took another HDRI 5 MB from openfootage
and it is even worst most chorme becomes totaly black!

what is this studio thing ?
is it the light set up ?
i just have simple world wtih a little bit of AO added
anything else added and i get very blackish chrome


was reading on wiki for cycles
seems that AO does take into account glossy nodes!


Don’t use AO in cycles :stuck_out_tongue: when i will go back i will post a blend file.