Watch my Blender's Animations

Hello, these are links to some of my animations created on Blender:

DINOSAUR TEST---------------------->


THE REGRETTER ------------------->

DIZZY MODEL-------------------------->

TASMINO TEST ---------------------->

THE WOOD BOX---------------------->

AWAY FROM EARTH---------------->

VIRUS’ LIFE---------------------------->

SONG CLIP TEST-------------------->

ZIP OF IT-------------------------------->

THE WISE MOUSE----------------->

THE REAL EARTH------------------>


Thanks for the constructive comments received so far. Your insight is greatly appreciated. Notice that the order in which the links are posted are proportional to the time frame experience. For example A RARE INCARNATION is the oldest…AMERICAN MORTGAGE is the latest. Looking forward to grab knowledge from many experienced Blender artists.



oh dear that is some crazy stuff!
the website is a madness too, could you please give the direct links to the movies,
so it doesn’t look too much like you are advertising your own page. (i edited your post to at least point the to movie page)

interesting, i have to say… animation and modelling is quite good, it’s a bit shame that the lighting and rendering isn’t that great… it would add so much value to the mood of the clips.


Blender has a relatively small installation size and runs on several popular computing platforms. Though it is often distributed without documentation or extensive example scenes, the software contains features that are characteristic of high-end modelling software.

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The animation was somewhat lifelike, but lacking in other respects. The mouse test animation comes to mind; very snappy and robotic. In the virus infection, for instance, there were parts were the character moved far too quickly to keep the suspension of disbelief (such as when he jumped onto the faucet). It needed more of a sense of weight and momentum. Let’s see… I mostly liked the Dizzy character rig test. I liked the green, moist, organic-looking lizard skin and stylized big hands and feet. However the style of the face lacked appeal; both Dizzy as well as your virus guy have disconcertingly large eyes that comes across as a little grotesque. On a more positive note, you’ve got a lot to show for your experience with 3D; I know personally you can’t just whip up work like that over a weekend. Keep at it.

He he! How much do you think a virus may weight? Ha Ha just kidding…thanks for you comment! Hey I saw your dolphin model…looks good with the exception of the head, a big too big…may be it needs the eyes of my Lizard model ! Ha Ha!


Yeah…I must do something with my lighting and rendering…
Thanks for the input!

How long does the average animation take to make?Not including character creation but just the animation?

Well this is a bit hard to answer. It depends of the experience, how much quality you want,what material you are animating among others. For example, my dinosaur test:

took me 15 minutes to key the movements with only one revision to improve. I left behind more details like a better inertia on every step, also bending its toes etc. It may take longer. In average you can key for 30 minutes and produce 5 minutes of movie by displacing keys and being clever about your keyframes and pausing, may be even more. Less realistic animations may take much much less. I guess it is pretty quick once you get the taste. ( No counting the rendering time )