Watch our Blender animation live today

If you have ever heard about demoscene, you might be familiar with demos and demoparties. One of them is Breakpoint which is running right now in Bingen am Main/Germany. It features competitions for digital art in different categories. One of them is called “real wild” which means, that an exclusive hardware will present something spectacular. Our production is an animation wich will be shown on a stock C64 (+IDE controller). It covers 25fps fullscreen video + CD audio which will be a worldfirst :slight_smile: The reason I write it here is, that the tool for creating it, was Blender (and of course some inhouse developed stuff). The “real wild” competition starts at 19:00 and will be available to watch via live stream at

ps: Yesterday, at “freestyle graphics” there was even a Blender-made entry. Keep the spirit!

This is the officialy shown version:

It was recorded fully oversaturated and it has even lost all the interlace information. we plan to capture it with better quality… C64 (and of course Blender) rulez! :slight_smile:

cool i was looking forward to catching the results of this.

Is the pixelation due to the C64, a stylistic decision, or is it the MP4 encoding?
it seemed very strange to me. (The pixelation seemed strange. The animation was pretty wicked)

Pixelation is due to the limitations of the C64 AND the badly calibrated capture.