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Hi guys, here is my new finished artwork and like to know any suggestions and critiques on it . done with blender 2.80 cycles . texture are a mix of procedural and from poliigon with some fill models from poliigon and adrian rutkowski (

for lighting i have used just hdri (one for the background and other for the lighting)

hope you like it
thank you
reference image : ( actually found it in pinterest.

Artstation : (


Well, the scale of the whole thing is kind of wacky … but in a quirky sort of way that actually works. If you meant to say, “this is meant to be a bit absurd,” it works. :+1:

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i tired following the scale to real objects as much as possible …but still i could have gone somewhere or maybe its just the perspective… but still i would like to thank you for the suggestion of watching histogram on my last post.

The amount of detail is fantastic, and it reminds me a lot of the ‘stacks’ in Ready player one.

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thanks so much, appreciate it!

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You’re #featured! :+1:

Love the concept!! Great color pick and details.And the lightning make it off :slight_smile:

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Thank you again ! really appreciate it !

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I see the beginning of a Tower Defense Game here… very nice, looks fun.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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As @sundialsvc4 said the scale is a but wacky. Perhaps using a more isometric lens setting, thus high focal lenghtand lower sensor width will get something like the example. Perhaps try using 70-200mm Focal length and see if vertical or horizontal with 20-35mm helps get around the same angle.

Its just and idea

i did some quick manual matching. Wonder how your render looks if you have about the same camera setup. Here’s my screengrabs and a quick scene i made
camera_match.blend (964.4 KB)

It will probably not match complety, i guess this is a 100% manual illustration and not some 3d render with art line style on it

hi @rombout , thanks for the help it fits very well , almost same as the reference although the scale becomes a bit of the issue. i am still leaning on the camera techniques and setting so i didnt try to replicate the exact camera angle as in the reference. i still have to understand focal length or sensor width properly so for now my plan has to just scale object as close to real life objects (still improving on it) and then just adjust default camera according to composition.

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I think it is a little bit overexposed but otherwise it’s really dope! I can’t even make a window :smiley:

A lot of times i leave sensor as is and work on the focal length. The focal length is quite important when your doing dof for instance. You can get support nice effect if you play with focal length.

Just start tweaking and see what it does. Also look up some tuts about how real life camera works. That will defenitly help :slight_smile:

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You can read more about this work on BlenderNation:

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