watch what you pour down the sink!!!

Ok, I worked on this all day. I shot the entire thing using my cell phone and added in some old game characters that I had laying around…

Anyway hope you like it…

Compositing and 3d done in blender, camera tracking pfhoe and final mix in kdenlive.

Ha that’s great!
The animation for the large caterpillar thing is a little bit to rigid, and the loop is really obvious
but they look really realistic

how do you get the shadow’s onto the road?
I’ve always wondered that

You can get the shadow with a plane that only receives shadow but isn’t rendered!

Great result for 1 day’s effort!

@Fynz They are actually game characters that never got used for a game. I just used the game animations so they are looped. I fit them in just using heavy contrast. That is what all the big movies like 300 and Transformers did.

The shadow is done using a plane. Just set the material to “only shadow” and “ztransparency”.

I tried using Voodoo camera tracker for a project for my GF’s school kids and found that it was difficult to get a good result so I shelled out for pfhoe and it was worth the money. Now that I have the program though I really want to do more mixed live action stuff so while I’m waiting for my 1080p camera to come in the mail I just made a quick video to try things out.

The toughest part was dealing with the 20fps 3gp files and the camera tracking. I couldn’t get the tracker to adjust for depth because of the funky lens distortion, so I bypassed it and then blurred the input video so that it wouldn’t accidentally try to track the big pixels.

I have a few questions about blender and camera tracking! I hope you can help me :smiley:

When I want to use boujou and blender I need an import/export script. But where can I find it? For blender 2.49 oder blender 2.5 and boujou 5!

Because I wanted to try pfhoe but with that I can only use videos in high definition and my video footage isn’t always with that dimensions!

The only two trackers I am familiar with are Voodoo and Pfhoe. Both of those programs output blender python files

@Tom83 I used pfhoe and the footage I used was shot with my nexus one phone at 480p 20-30fps.

I looked around and couldn’t find an export script for boujou. If you don’t have to many moving objects in your scene like cars or people that fill most of the scene you should be able to use the free voodoo camera tracker.

Watched your video on you tube. I laughed out loud, it was so cute! [ Several comments about the things I liked that might have been spoilers for others were removed here ] You did a good job of adding in the monsters, even though the live action video wasn’t crystal clear in Youtube’s version with the quality I can play. I was sorry they went by so fast, as I wanted a better look at them.

The sound could have been better, but I think that’s mostly the fault of my computer hardware.

Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed it.

Thanks MB I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I used some old game characters I had and just put the whole thing together in a day. One problem I had was not being able to set up a walk cycle >> follow path with my old characters and no one seemed to be able to help me so I had to key everything. Also I had to split out all the frames and add blur before opening the footage in the camera tracker because of the low resolution had squares in it that the tracker would have attached to, and as I said before phone cameras are not the best things to use for action footage.

It’s kinda funny that I get less hardcore criticism when I do a stupid quick thing like this… kinda makes me never want to do anything serious ever again.

That said, I’m getting my new HD camcorder sometime today… so soon you will see some kicking, rockin and a rolling breaking the walls down kinda scifi blockbuster shiznit… ya… :cool:

Hmmm… I tried pfhoe again. To test it I downloaded random example videos from youtube. But when I want to use these the video file doesn’t show up in the directory when I try to import it into pfhoe or the video file has big red cross over it like unsupported files or something like that. I tried .mov .avi .h264… But nothing of that worked. Then I saw the supported video sizes. I that the reason I can’t use video material like videos from youtube?

I actually always start by splitting out the frames into images. There are a lot of reasons for that like being able to tweak the final production etc… but pfhoe does handle image frames in a folder, as does blender.