Here’s my current project…trying to make an advertising type image of a watch. My model was my CK watch, although I didn’t stick to it perfectly.
C&C are welcome…


Ps: obviously the wristband isn’t finished yet…:slight_smile:

Nice work but the reflective plane makes it hard to see what is part of the watch and what isnt near the center. I would suggest altering it slightly to make the division clearer.

I see what you mean…didn’t notice it…actually the problem is that the internal faces of the watch are reflecting themselves…i’ll fix it in the next render…Btw what could I improve to make it more ad-like?

Well, according to my friend, in photography to make a good picture you must mentally separate your image in 3 (sideways and downwards) and put the important object at the intersection of 2 lines (aka dont center it completely), and if you’re gonna make it add like, I’d add some text and maybe make the image a bit wider. Banner like y’know? just a thought.

Here’s a test of what the finished work could look like…

C&C is welcome as always


PS: don’t bother the CK logo on the back of the watch…i’ll change it as soon as i make a personal logo…

sweeeet. i like it. i’d buy one, if i had the muny.

lol…other than that any suggestions?

I wouldnt put both watches one into the other, but rather the uptanding one in back of the other.