water bottle

i was drinking out of a water bottle and i thought id try to make it

so here it is:

what do you think?

Not bad i think. The bottle cap however could use some detail. Also it would be nice to give it some texture around the etiquet.

The texture of the water looks awesome! I’d add something to the label though.

Try to render it in Yafray. :wink:

how exactly do you render in yafray?

Good work, But the shadow doesn’t quite fit… since water is transparent, the shadow is too… solid

how would i make the shadow less solid then?

I have no idea, you’re probably a more experienced blenderer than I am, I’m merely the messenger, but keep goin’!:slight_smile:

i dout it im pretty much a noob

I started last month, so let’s not argue about that shall we?:stuck_out_tongue: I’ll give it a try right away, let ya know if I get it right

Okay, select the plane or… whatever the bottle is standing on, and in the shaders tab hit TraShad, works for me

This one is made with blender internal engine, you can download the blend file and have a look around. Make sure Shadbuffer, Ray transp, and that the table has recieve TranspShadow.

good luck!

blend file:


here’s a update:


any comments on the update would be nice