Water Dragon

Well, I have to say that it’s been a while… unfortunately, my studies have taken me away from 3D work for quite some time, however I am getting back into it. This started off as a modeling exercise and grew from there. Total work time was around 12 hours (man, I’m rusty) I wasted a ton of time messing with settings I ended up not using, such is life though. Please enjoi :wink:



looks like a penis…

fml… you’re right. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry right now D: I wonder how many people in my class were thinking it and never said anything…

Dont worry, be happy…Its GREAT penis…:smiley:

In all reasons, very nice material…concept are nice to, but you must little bit of change this head…

yeah, I think I’ll give him a baseball cap, lol
thanks for the honesty :smiley:

very nice, i like the materials. maybe add some eyes?

Looks a lot like some sort of leech crossed with a serpentine creature, it doesn’t really resemble a Dragon that much to me.

Maybe redo the face (to include eyes, nostrils or gills, and a mouth) and make it less slimy to make it look more Dragon-like, yet aquatic.

@ Ace Dragon: hahaha, sorry to offend :wink: I actually called it that for a different reason… sort of an inside joke nobody here would obviously get, not because I actually thought it was uber dragon-like. I’m digging the leach comparison, though… thanks, man.

@ blenderman I had this odd idea in my head about mixing these sightless salamanders I saw on the discovery channel once and some sort of deep sea catfish… I know scale doesn’t really translate here, but in my head I figured that this thing would be about 4 inches tall/long. Thanks for the compliment!