Water Droplet

(samara-99) #1

Pretty self-explanatory. A simple water drop image. Water sim done in blender, rendered in Octane. Would love to know what you think.


(liser) #2

I love it!

(Evil Moon MOose) #3

pretty realisteic, except for the water edge, where the ripple is going into the water a little, it seems that edge needs to be smoothed out, because I can see some obstructions

((jay)) #4

I feel as though water would tend to favor more symmetrical shapes. Nice color happening here tho.

(Evil Moon MOose) #5

no, symmetrical shapes are not the way to go, the shapes are correct, but the edge around where the final ripple is what makes it a little off, if you look, you can see that after that ripple the ripples dont get any smaller, they just end…which means its basically plastic thats been melted :stuck_out_tongue:

(samara-99) #6

Fair enough… I think that may be the fault of the fluid sim, or my lack of knowledge in the fluid sim area. I’ll see if I can fix it though.

(kazinger) #7

There is nothing wrong with that water drop. Tell evil moon its not a lake its a water drop.