Water reflection malfunctions in landscape scene

Hi all,

I just did a first cycles render of my first landscape scene (see attached). Upon first inspection I noticed a part of the reflection of the cherry blossom tree was too clear compared to the rest of it. I tried messing around with lighting and turning off parts of the model and noticed it might be due to the direct shadow of the trees onto the water. Any advise on how this might be resolved?

First of all your image is too noisy. Try using blenders denoise function and try to increase your samples. See if that works.

If you mean that darker spot on the right most part of the reflection, then there is nothing wrong. Realistically, that is how it should work. The shaded part is and should be reflecting the tree better.
That’s because the lit parts of the water are reflecting more than just the tree - the surrounding light is drowning out the tree reflection so you get a brighter and less clear image. The shade on the part near the bank, however, does not have as much light. It is just the tree you can see.