Water: Rivers, Lakes?

Is there a good way of making Rivers or Lakes in the game engine? UV-textures dont support reflection etc…so how can i make the water look like water in the game engine? (im yust talking about the texture off the water, maybe the texture movement, if thats working, too^^)

Animated textures work nicely for moving water. For reflection, map the scene you want the object to reflect on the object and set the UV coordinates to reflection. If you need more detail just ask and I’ll elaborate.

There’s the UV scroll script that will scroll your texture, think it’s less ram and better looking then the animated texture.

but how do i set up the texture to be animated, magicman?

@al_capone: where can i download it? please

import GameLogic as GL
cont = GL.getCurrentController()
own = cont.getOwner()
mesh = own.getMesh()

SPEED = 0.01

#Aqui defino las diferentes poses

vert1 = mesh.getVertex(0,0)
uv1 = vert1.getUV()
uv1[0] = uv1[0]+SPEED

vert2 = mesh.getVertex(0,1)
uv2 = vert2.getUV()
uv2[0] = uv2[0]+SPEED

vert3 = mesh.getVertex(0,2)
uv3 = vert3.getUV()
uv3[0] = uv3[0]+SPEED

vert4 = mesh.getVertex(0,3)
uv4 = vert4.getUV()
uv4[0] = uv4[0]+SPEED

You will also need to make a property called Speed and use it to set the speed. This is a great script, I use it a lot.